Technology and Craft

Located in the heart of Midtown we are an independently owned and operated digital print shop serving local businesses, restaurants, law firms, nightclubs, government agencies, art galleries, theaters, manufacturers, media groups, schools and the health care industry. Serious skills, excellent quality & fair pricing.

The Floppy's staff has a combined 40 years of digital print/copy experience and we have been located at the same location at 21st and J for 18 years. The vast range of our customers' needs require that we know how to efficiently produce 300 page tabbed binders as well as limited-edition color prints. The Midtown gumbo of nightclub posters, business proposals, band flyers, marketing collateral, restauraunt menus, and product brochures keeps us on our toes.

midtowncarmenNationally we have been selected several times by out of state companies to handle their print requirements for conferences in Sacramento. One of those companies is based in London, England. (We really do like being an indie Midtown company with an international reputation.)

Our Founder