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Once you have created a PDF file of your brochure you can email it to us. We will review your file before moving ahead to make sure you are going to get what it is you want. Since there are a number of factors that decide how much it is going to cost to print your brochures we recommend you send us your file(s) so that we can provide you with an estimate before printing. Here are some of the factors to consider:

Does it print black and white both sides? Color both sides? Color on one side, BW on the other?

Plain stock? Gloss stock?

Does it bleed? *explanation

How many do you need?

Example 1: BW both sides on standard paper, No Bleed

  • 500 folded brochures   $120.00

Example 2: Color both sides on 80# Gloss text, No Bleed

  • 100 folded brochures   $138.00